Monthly Mentions

September 2018

  • Bash Infinity: Standard library and framework for Bash.
  • Simply Framed: Online custom framing.
  • Subler: Edit video subtitles and metadata in macOS.
  • Brand New Roman: Font made from corporate logos.
  • mdncomp: MDN browser compatibility data on the command line.
  • Gandi CLI: CLI to []( API.
  • Dante Stories: Self-hosted [Medium]( platform built with Ruby on Rails.
  • twa: Web auditor with strong opinions.
  • wwwBASIC: Implementation of BASIC that runs on the Web.
  • Pgweb: Cross-platform client for PostgreSQL databases.
  • Vapid: CMS that builds dashboard based on template tags.
  • Apache OpenWhisk: Open source serverless cloud platform.
  • Nocturnal: macOS app to toggle dark mode.
  • qView: Cross-platform minimalist image viewer.

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