Monthly Mentions

May 2018

  • Airtable: SaaS to manage information in different views.
  • Interactive CSS Grid Layout generator.
  • Bat: A `cat` clone with syntax highlighting.
  • Proton Native: Create native desktop apps using a React syntax.
  • bettercap: Network attack and monitoring tool.
  • Hockeystick: Canadian investor + corporate data.
  • La Shop: Hardware store in Griffintown.
  • ReLaXed: PDF generation using web technologies.
  • WebGL Lathe Workshop: Animated & interacrive lathe simulation.
  • Signale: Configurable console logger for Node.js.
  • Winds: Native desktop podcast & RSS reader.
  • Obscura: Camera app for iOS.
  • nanoJS: Minimal standalone JS library for DOM manipulation.
  • GDPR: The General Data Protection Regulation explained.
  • Wired Elements: Hand-drawn UI elements for mockups/wireframes.
  • Retrobatch: Batch image processing for macOS.
  • mitmproxy: Interactive HTTPS proxy

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