Monthly Mentions

February 2018

  • Localer: Ruby tool to detect missing I18n translations.
  • Fast JSON API: Fast [JSON:API]( serializer for Ruby; by Netflix.
  • The Power of Serverless: Serverless resources for front-end developers; by Chris Coyier.
  • Datacol: Deploy to AWS or GCP with Heroku like experience.
  • Amp: Full-featured text editor for your terminal.
  • osquery: Use SQL to query your OS infrastructure; by Facebook.
  • CockroachDB: Open source, cloud-native SQL database.
  • HEAD: Guide of <head> elements.
  • Buy Me A Coffee: A free way to accept donations.
  • SweetAlert2: Replacement for JavaScript's popup boxes.
  • Camp Adventure Park: Danish forest with treetop walkway + observation tower.
  • HDHomeRun: Stream OTA broadcast channels to Apple TV, iOS, macOS.
  • Setapp: Subscription service for macOS apps.
  • Service Worker Cookbook: Collection of examples for using Service Workers; by Mozilla.
  • Turndown: Convert HTML into Markdown with JavaScript.
  • Jumprock: Send emails from static websites.

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