Monthly Mentions

September 2017

  • Free utility to remotely check if a port is open or closed.
  • Frank.: Android smartphone for an early bird price of US$180 – Ottawa company.
  • 1Password CLI: 1Password command line interface (CLI).
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia: Bilingual reference on everything Canadian.
  • CNN Lite: Text-only version of CNN breaking news.
  • Lozad.js: Lazy loader in pure JS with no dependencies.
  • src2png: Turn source code into syntax highlighted images.
  • CanIUse Embed: Embed up-to-date data from [](
  • Unbound Merino: Simple Merino wool apparel.
  • Keyboard Maestro: Powerful macro app for macOS.
  • United by Blue: Ocean-friendly brand of apparel, home, and outdoor goods.
  • The Ultimate Guide to CSS: Breakdown of CSS support for many mobile, web, and desktop email clients.
  • Gatsby.js: Static site generator for React.
  • TunnelBear: VPN provider recommended by DuckDuckGo.
  • Coinbase: Buy and sell digital currency.
  • Manifold: Simplify dev workflow with marketplace for SaaS.
  • Franchise: SQL tool to visualize data in different contexts.
  • AND CO: Invoicing, contracts, and payments app for freelancers.
  • Carbon: Share images of your source code.
  • Service that analyses websites and its resources.
  • GraphQL: A query language for APIs.
  • CSS Grid Playground: Introduction to CSS Grid Layout by Mozilla.

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