Monthly Mentions

July 2017

  • Magic Wormhole: CLI tool to send files and directories to another computer.
  • Color LS: Ruby script that beautifies `ls` command.
  • date-fns: JavaScript date utility library.
  • Purrli: Cat purring sound generator.
  • Pell: Small WYSIWYG text editor, with no dependencies.
  • Brandless: No-name products, priced at $3 each.
  • PWA Stats: Community-driven list of stats related to Progressive Web Apps.
  • Markvis: Data visualizations using Markdown.
  • KeyMe: Digitally scan keys, duplicate cut and mailed.
  • IP Leak: Detects IP address, DNS settings, and browser information.
  • CSS Database: CSS features which might become web standards.
  • Canadian Digital Service: Help Canada deliver better digital services.
  • Enclose.IO: Compile Node.js or Ruby into an enclosed executable.
  • Scanbot SDK: Enable document scanning and image processing in native apps.
  • AlwaysOnline Wireless: LTE data for travellers.
  • Fitty: Resizes text to fill the parent container.
  • The JavaScript Way: A introduction to the JavaScript language.
  • Chromeless Playground: Chrome automation that runs locally or headless on AWS Lambda.

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