Monthly Mentions

June 2017

  • Feather: Simple open source icons.
  • Timeline.js: jQuery timeline slider plugin.
  • Warp: Secure terminal sharing.
  • Tad: Desktop app for viewing and analyzing tabular data.
  • svgi: SVG inspection tool.
  • Rails translation service.
  • Ruby Standard Gems: Information about Ruby’s default and bundled gems.
  • Ka-Block!: Content blocker for Safari.
  • Interactive map listing information about rentals.
  • Spack: Package manager for supercomputers, Linux, and macOS.
  • country-flags: Worlds flags in SVG and PNG format.
  • Mollyjogger: Retailer of American heritage products, based in the Ozark Mountains.
  • Standard Ebooks: Non-profit effort to create high quality public domain ebooks.
  • Gonzocons: Free line icon collection.
  • OpenMediaVault: NAS OS based on Debian Linux.
  • Webflow: Design websites visually, then export the code.
  • Tentrr: Camp site rentals with amenities (canvas tent, etc.).
  • PaperSizes: Resource for international paper sizes, dimensions & formats.
  • Wild & Wolf: Designers and manufacturers of co-branded homewares, etc.

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