Monthly Mentions

September 2016

  • Rack::App: Minimalistic Ruby framework for building Rack apps.
  • Traver: Ruby test data generation framework.
  • Time Travel Radio: Music player that plays music by year.
  • 12hrs: Short and sweet travel guides.
  • Teleconsole: Share your Terminal sessions.
  • Borg: A terminal based search engine for bash commands.
  • Shore Boards: Handcrafted wooden paddle boards.
  • Callblock: Block unwanted calls.
  • Ruby Facets: Ruby podcast by Olivier Lacan.
  • Dark Sky: Web-based weather predictions.
  • Lory: Touch enabled minimalistic slider.
  • Dripcap: Packet analyzer based on Electron.
  • Odoo: Open source ERP and CRM.
  • The League Of: A showcase of team uniforms for tech companies.
  • Wenk: Lightweight tooltips written in pure CSS.
  • Canvas Gauges: Minimalist HTML5-based gauges.
  • Custom photo filters using CSS.

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