Monthly Mentions

March 2016

  • dropzonejs-rails: Integrate [DropzoneJS]( into the Rails asset pipeline.
  • LHS: Rails gem provides active-record like interface for JSON services.
  • Blockhead: Side-facing plug for Apple chargers.
  • The Chart of Cosmic Exploration: Poster featuring over 100 hand-illustrated exploratory spacecrafts.
  • Statuspage: A status page generator with GitHub hosting.
  • Primaries: 256 icons from Parakeet. Commercial.
  • LeSSL: A Ruby certificate manager for [Let’s Encrypt]( certificates.
  • Reality: Ruby proxy to Wikipedia data.
  • AppleCompass: Find the cheapest country to buy Apple products.
  • Houdini: W3C Task Force that introduces new APIs to hook into the rendering engine.
  • RentHub: Apartment rentals in Thailand.

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