Monthly Mentions

May 2014

  • Vintage Industrial: High-end vintage/retro industrial inspired furniture. Made in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Les Forges de Montreal: Montreal-based organization to preserve the knowledge and skills of blacksmiths.
  • Forges Urbaines: Blacksmith firm located in Griffintown.
  • Cakebrew: OS X app for Homebrew.
  • SaaS to create infographics.
  • Tails: Live Linux-based OS aimed at preserving your privacy and anonymity.
  • Pages: Ruby gem for creating static pages in a Rails app.
  • Privacy Badger: Browser extension that blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.
  • Cornerstore: A backend for custom ecommerce website or mobile app using RESTful API.
  • Zaru: Filename sanitization for Ruby.
  • Zed: Open source, keyboard-focused, text and code editor for power users.
  • Soylent: Meal replacement designed to provide maximum nutrition.
  • DoCSSa: Sass based CSS architecture and methodology.
  • Hyro: Desktop HTML5 editor with a live HTML viewer.
  • Mailkick: Ruby gem to manage email subscriptions and reports.
  • Quill: An open source rich text editor with an API.
  • Feather: A collection of open source icons by Cole Bemis.
  • Headhesive.js: An on-demand sticky header.
  • Simple Calendar: Ruby gem to render a calendar.
  • Fenix Web Server: A simple static desktop web server.
  • VirusTotal: A free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs to detect viruses, malware, etc.
  • Viewport Sizes: Devices database with platform, OS version, widths, and release date.
  • A SASS mixin for a pure CSS3 Slideshow: Build a pure CSS3 slideshow with a SASS mixin.
  • ActiveJob: Rails gem to run background jobs. Merged into Rails 4.2.
  • Fira Sans: Open source typeface commissioned by Mozilla.

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