Monthly Mentions

March 2014

  • Marshall Stanmore: Beautiful loudspeaker by Marshall.
  • Better Specs: RSpec resource containing guidelines and best practices for writing better tests.
  • Purgatory: A Rails gem to save changes to an ActiveRecord model that can be applied later.
  • CloudyTabs: Simple menu bar application for OS X that lists your iCloud Tabs.
  • Baremetrics: SaaS analytics & metrics for Stripe.
  • Sache: Directory of Sass and Compass extensions.
  • Browser Logos: List of high resolution browser logos.
  • Browse Happy: Lists latest browser versions to upgrade. WordPress initiative.
  • Speaking JavaScript: Free online book about JavaScript by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer.
  • f.lux: Makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day.
  • WTF, HTML and CSS?: A curated list of commonly frustrating HTML and CSS issues.
  • Slick: Carousel jQuery plugin. Responsive with many customization options.
  • Learn Lettering: Online classes for the designer that wants to learn hand lettering.
  • Really Good Emails: Inspiration for creating emails. Various examples sent by companies.
  • Email Patterns for Web Apps: 25 emails that web apps should consider sending to their users.
  • Ahoy: Rails engine to track visits.
  • Refills: Components and patterns built with Bourbon and Neat. By Thoughtbot.
  • Peity: jQuery plugin that converts an element's content into an <svg> chart.
  • Barry: Capture full-length webpages as images on your iOS devices.
  • Web Developer Workspace Full CSS: Rendering of a web developer's workspace in [CSS](, with animation.

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