Monthly Mentions

September 2013

  • Rubyzip: Ruby library for reading and writing zip files.
  • The Rails 4 Diff Cheatsheet: Cheatsheet with the primary differences in Ruby on Rails 4.
  • AWS Command Line Interface: Unified tool to manage your AWS services from the command line (CLI).
  • Quarto: An ebook generation toolchain, biased towards writing books about programming.
  • TmTheme Editor: A color scheme editor for SublimeText, Textmate and other text editors.
  • CLNDR.js: A jQuery calendar plugin.
  • Responsive Elements: JavaScript to make any element adapt and respond to the area they occupy.
  • ExplainShell: Explains command-line arguments.
  • UIBox: Curated HTML, CSS and JavaScript UI component library.
  • iOctocat: GitHub client for your iPhone.
  • ChocolateChip-UI: A mobile web framework with the native look and feel.
  • Human: All-day activity tracker that helps you move at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Rconsole: Output debug messages from Ruby directly to your browser console.
  • Ruby HTTP Gem: A Ruby DSL for making HTTP requests.
  • Vex: A JavaScript dialog library which is highly configurable and easily stylable.
  • TogetherJS: JavaScript library to add collaboration features to your website. By Mozilla.

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