Monthly Mentions

June 2013

  • Gitfiti: Craft graffiti in the GitHub commit history.
  • Know Your Company: Service that helps business owners learn about their company. By 37signals.
  • Kolabria: WikiWalls — digital drawing spaces to share visual ideas. Montreal-based company.
  • Yoleo: Web-based RSS feed reader.
  • /Purpose: Page for website operators to share the purpose of their website. By Fictive Kin.
  • Evomail: Modern mobile email client for iOS and Android.
  • Custom Configuration: Custom configuration storage for Rails. By DHH.
  • Tool that identifies which media queries your device responds to.
  • A directory of JavaScript libraries.
  • Briefs: Mobile prototyping app for OS X.
  • Instant Server: Create a free virtual private server that gets destroyed after 35 minutes.
  • Fontastic: Web app to create and manage custom icon fonts.
  • Radio for Mac: Play and record streaming Internet radio from your OS X menu bar.
  • Gemrat: Add the latest version of gems to your Gemfile from the command line.
  • Grumpicon: A web app for the [Grunticon]( workflow.
  • Reform: Decouples your models from form validation, presentation and workflows.
  • Send transactional emails based on what people do or don't do in your app.
  • Ruby on Rails 4: Version 4.0 has been released.
  • Red Pen: Upload your design and get live, annotated feedback.
  • Burgundy Jazz: CBC documentary about Little Burgundy’s contribution to jazz music.

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