Facebook's identity problem: Teens hate a permanent record

Navneet Alang, reporting for The Globe and Mail:

The general tone of the report was for many youth, Facebook is becoming more hassle than it’s worth, intruding into life rather than augmenting it.

Perhaps because of the sheer amount of work it takes to maintain one’s presence on Facebook, teens are starting to gravitate to other services better suited to their needs.

Many teens will regret some of the things they posted on Facebook in their youth when they become adults. These same Facebook users will find themselves in need of a digital purging and if Facebook does not provide the necessary tools, they will simply delete their accounts and walk away.

I’m a strong believer of being in control of my information on the Internet and believe that all companies should provide the ability to delete user accounts — including all profile data — permanently.

Facebook is still a relatively young company and will need to evolve with their users. Remains to be seen how they handle these challenges.

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