Patrick Bougie — web developer / entrepreneur from Montréal, Canada. Founder of WorkSked — a web app to manage employee work schedules and time off.

Monthly Mentions

January 2017

  • Design Guidelines: Publicly available design guidelines from various companies.
  • uBlock Origin: A wide-spectrum blocker for Chromium and Firefox.
  • Popup OpenVPN: A guide for creating a self hosted OpenVPN server.
  • Siema: Lightweight and simple carousel with no dependencies.
  • The Great Trail: 24,000 kms of multi-use trails across Canada.
  • Opera Neon: New concept browser from Opera.
  • Matterwiki: A simple wiki for teams.
  • Castaway: Build screencasts and video presentations with a Ruby DSL.
  • Letter: Customizable tool to create letters in your browser.
  • Ethical Web Development: Digital resources that explore the ethics of web development.
  • MailMason: A toolset to streamline building consistent transactional emails.
  • Skedaddle: Crowdsources routes using luxury vehicles.
  • Indie Hackers: Stories about profitable businesses and side projects.
  • RateHub: Financial product comparison website for Canadians.
  • mo.js: Motion graphics for the web.
  • Mockup Generator: MacOS app that captures screenshots and wraps them in device mock-ups.
  • Flexbugs: A community-curated list of flexbox issues and cross-browser workarounds.
  • Devices by Facebook Design: Images and Sketch files of popular devices.
  • Kyō: Digital journaling app for mobile.
  • September: Coffee and surf shop in Montreal.
  • Vapor: Swift web framework.
  • Kitura: Swift web framework by IBM.
  • RESTHeart: REST API for MongoDB.
  • lunr.js: Full-text search engine for client side apps.
  • Texture: Digital magazines subscription service.
  • Tinkering Monkey: Makers of traditional signs.
  • Video Transcoding: CLI tools to transcode, inspect, and convert videos.
  • Lionshare: A macOS app for digital currency.
  • Acre Designs: Zero-energy, pre-fab homes.
  • Hero Patterns: A collection of repeatable SVG background patterns.
  • Hackintosh Method: Hackintosh recommendations and suggested parts by Dan Benjamin.

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