Patrick Bougie — web developer / entrepreneur from Montréal, Canada. Founder of WorkSked — a web app to manage employee work schedules and time off.

Monthly Mentions

July 2016

  • Braumeister: Online package browser for Homebrew.
  • Felony: Open source PGP app for encrypting messages.
  • You Don't Need Javascript: Demos of things you can do with only CSS.
  • GitMarket: A marketplace for buying and selling code.
  • TellForm: Open source alternative to Google Forms.
  • Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Rails tutorial by Michael Hartl updated for Rails 5.
  • Helpy: Open-source helpdesk software built with Rails.
  • Siteleaf: CMS for static sites.
  • PDF::Inspector: Ruby tool for analyzing PDF output.
  • Marp: Desktop app for creating presentations using Markdown.
  • Bundler: Nice new site for venerable Ruby package manager.
  • Dragonfly: Ruby gem for image/asset uploading.
  • Slate: Framework for building rich text editors in the browser.
  • Laverna: Open source alternative to Evernote with Markdown editor.
  • iziModal: Responsive and lightweight modal plugin for jQuery.
  • jb: A JSON API template engine for Ruby on Rails.
  • m-cli: Administrative CLI tools for macOS.
  • Cleave.js: Format <input> text content automatically.
  • Ōryōki: Minimalist web browser built with Electron.
  • Blaze: Open source modular CSS framework.
  • HTTPolice: Linter for HTTP requests and responses.
  • Keybase: Maps your identity to your public encryption keys.
  • JohnHancock: A Rails gem for signature form fields.
  • March Tee: Plain, high-quality, short and long-sleeved t-shirts.
  • Awesome Mac: List of Mac applications and tools for developers and designers.
  • A page to display compatible browsers from a browserslist string.
  • Zap: New name and website for Île sans fil.
  • Onak Canoe: Origami foldable canoe.
  • Puma-dev: Serve Rack apps in development using Puma.
  • Fontstand: Desktop app to rent fonts by the month.
  • Rodauth: Authentication and account management framework for Rack apps.
  • PushType: Open source CMS for Ruby on Rails.
  • Roam: Co-living and co-working spaces around the world.
  • WeLive: Co-living by WeWork.

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