Patrick Bougie — web developer / entrepreneur from Montréal, Canada. Founder of WorkSked — a web app to manage employee work schedules and time off.

Monthly Mentions

June 2016

  • Vanilla List: JavaScript repository of scripts that don’t require jQuery.
  • Lorem Fucking Ipsum: Placeholder text with some passion.
  • Soon: Keep tracks of the things you want to see/do.
  • Mactracker: Detailed information on every Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad ever made.
  • FullPageOS: A Raspberry Pi distribution to display a full-page browser on boot.
  • MongoFly: MongoDB client for iOS.
  • Barba.js: Creates transitions between webpages.
  • Ansible: Open source IT automation by Red Hat.
  • Snapdrop: Transfer files across devices. Like AirDrop but web-based.
  • Swapspot: Swap, buy & sell items and services.
  • SyntaxDB: Syntax search for multiple programming languages.
  • What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?: Random ideas for dinner.
  • Sourcegraph: See how other developers use packages, methods, etc.
  • Dirty Markup: Tidy up HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.
  • Flexy Boxes: Flexbox playground and code generator.
  • Wealthica: Canadian investment management app.
  • GAget: Google Analytics app for iPhone and macOS.
  • Staccato: Google Analytics server-side tracking for Ruby.
  • Learn X in Y minutes: Quick tours of programming languages & tools.
  • Plume: Wi-Fi system comprised of multiple small devices.
  • Algolia Places: JavaScript autocomplete library for searching addresses.
  • YakYak: Desktop client for Google Hangouts.
  • Vidage.js: Full-screen background video & image.
  • Snapper: A CSS Snap-Points based carousel.
  • Access My Info Canada: Generates requests for access to your personal information.
  • SingleDivProject: CSS designs using one <div> tag.
  • MintChip: Digital cash platform created by the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Umbrella JS: Tiny library for DOM manipulation, events and AJAX.
  • flatpickr: A lightweight & dependency-free date/time picker.
  • Rage: Axe throwing facility in Montreal.
  • Nmap: Open source CLI app for network discovery and security auditing.
  • Zondicons: A set of free SVG icons.
  • Commander One: Dual-pane file manager for macOS.
  • Mac CLI: OS X command line tools for developers.
  • Anime.js: JavaScript animation library.
  • SassDoc: Documentation system for Sass.

Feel free to contact me if you require development services or have any questions / comments.