Patrick Bougie — web developer / entrepreneur from Montréal, Canada. Founder of WorkSked — a web app to manage employee work schedules and time off.

Monthly Mentions

January 2016

  • VPN Monitor: OS X menubar app to keep VPN connected.
  • SelfControl: OS X app that blocks access to distracting websites.
  • BitBar: Put the output from any script or program in your OS X menubar.
  • FormSwift: Create, edit, and sign PDF documents.
  • Nylas N1: Extensible and open source email client.
  • YNAB: Manage your finances.
  • Medis: OS X app for Redis.
  • ExoLens: Professional grade photography lenses for iPhones.
  • Airmail: Mail client for OS X.
  • EQ Bank: New Canadian online bank.
  • Also Shop: Prints of various Chicago houses + buildings.
  • NewLeaf: New discount airline in Canada.
  • On: Running shoe company from Switzerland.
  • whoops: PHP error handler framework.
  • Tidy: Console application that corrects and cleans up HTML and XML documents.
  • CMS.js: Javascript SPA static site generator.
  • Nativefier: Wrap any SPA natively; for Windows, OS X, and Linux.
  • Lumi: Branded supplies.
  • Feature.js: A lightweight browser feature detection library.
  • Brave: New browser that blocks ads and trackers, by Brendan Eich.
  • Scan your website for optimal HTTP security headers.
  • uNoGS: Search the Netflix database across all countries.
  • Korora Project: Fedora Linux remix with necessary extras like codecs, etc.
  • CSP Is Awesome: Content Security Policy header online generator.
  • Evercondo: SaaS for condo management.
  • Firefox Platform Status: Dashboard about implementation of web platform features.
  • s: Web search from the terminal.
  • Polymail: Native email client with advanced organization features.
  • Bulma: A CSS framework based on Flexbox.
  • Opendesk: Furniture designs for local digital fabrication.
  • bash-handbook: Learn Bash without diving in too deeply.
  • Hookbin: Free service to collect, parse, and view HTTP requests.

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