Patrick Bougie — web developer / entrepreneur from Montréal, Canada. Founder of WorkSked — a web app to manage employee work schedules and time off.

Monthly Mentions

August 2013

  • iCheck: Customized checkboxes and radio buttons for jQuery & Zepto.
  • Rocket: A technique for building real-time functionality on top of REST web services.
  • Solarized: A sixteen color palette designed for use with terminal and GUI applications.
  • JSON API: A standard for building APIs in JSON.
  • Highrisepro: SaaS for managing condominiums or gated communities.
  • Web Experience Toolkit (WET): A front-end framework by the Government of Canada.
  • ColourCode: Color picker based on HSL.
  • MultiMail: Ruby gem to easily switch between email APIs.
  • Behave.js: A lightweight library for adding IDE style behaviors to plain text areas.
  • Mastering Modern Payments: Book by Pete Keen for processing payments with Stripe in Ruby on Rails.
  • Blind: A 1x browser for viewing your sites in low resolution on retina displays.
  • jsPDF: An HTML5 client-side library for generating PDFs.
  • A directory of links to delete your account from web services.
  • mailcheck.js: JavaScript library that reduces user-misspelled email addresses in forms.
  • PG Commander: A PostgreSQL cient for Mac OS X.
  • Brick: Reusable UI components for mobile-friendly HTML5 web applications. By Mozilla.

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